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Dental ImplantsFor people with missing teeth, implants and dentures can provide the answer.

Dental implants are small titanium screws used to replace missing teeth and give patients the confidence to eat and smile. A person requires good general health and adequate strong bone in order to have implants.

Benefits include:

  • More than 95% success rates after 15 years
  • Natural appearance
  • Comfortable (just like having your own healthy teeth)
  • Eat with confidence (whatever and whenever you want!)
  • No embarrassment of loose plastic dentures
  • Healthier for the mouth

Why should Smile Design By Ash be your number one choice for dental implants?

  • team-Andreas
    Skilled, experienced surgeon

    Implants are placed by Dr Andreas Weigt. He is a very caring, ethical and skilled oral surgeon/implantologist. Andreas has placed over 10,000 implants and performed over 10,000 bone grafts.

  • straumann
    Straumann Implant System

    Only the very best implants and components are used. This will give you security and peace of mind in the long term.

  • CTScan
    CT Scanner

    The practice has a 3D CT Scanner. This gives detailed information about the bone and associated structures. This data makes having implant dentistry much more accurate and safer for you.

  • 3Shape 3D Scanner
    3Shape 3D Scanner

    Our 3D Scanner is great for patients that gag during impressions. We can now make dental work by taking a digital scan – so no more impressions!

  • Financing
    0% financing over two years (APR Fixed Representative)

    0% financing over two years is offered. This allows you to have the treatment you want immediately and enjoy the benefit of paying in smaller installments, making the treatment affordable.

  • Comfortable
    Comfortable treatment

    Implant placement and bone grafting at Smile Design By Ash will be painless. Comfortable local anaesthetic is administered to ensure you are fully numb. Intra-venous sedation is available for clients who are more anxious.

  • Sterile

    Sterile Technique

    Treatment procedures are carried out as would be done in a hospital theatre. The highly trained and professional staff offer outstanding care, thereby minimizing the risk of post-operative discomfort and infection.

  • Guarantee
    The Dental Implant Guarantee

    Because we are confident in our dental implant procedure, there is a 5-year guarantee for crowns, implants and other laboratory related procedures against mechanical failure.

    This guarantee will apply provided the patient:

    • Comes for an annual dental examination with the dentist
    • Sees the Hygienist at least twice a year for a one-hour gum maintenance treatment session
    • Wears a plastic mouth guard (if recommended)

Treatment Options

Smile Design by Ash can offer a whole range of solutions for missing teeth and other dental concerns. Benefits include: healthy looking mouth, a great smile and confidence when eating.

  • Single Missing Tooth

    Whether for a front or back missing tooth, a single implant is often the best solution by placing an implant in the bone. After a healing period of 3-6 months, the abutment (or connecting anchor) is attached to the implant, which allows the porcelain (or porcelain bonded to metal) crown to be fitted.

  • Group of Missing Teeth (Fixed bridge and no removable denture)

    If there are a few missing teeth, 2-4 implants can be placed. After healing, a fixed bridge can be attached to the implants to replace the missing teeth.

  • Bar retained (Overdenture)

    If there are no teeth, 2-6 implants can be placed in the jaw at the front area of the mouth. After healing, a bar can be fitted to the implants. This can securely hold a denture allowing patients to eat whatever they want with total confidence.

  • Locator abutments (Overdenture)

    It is possible to place 2-4 implants in the lower arch and 4-6 implants in the upper arch followed by the construction of a precision fitting complete denture. The overdenture is supported by the strong implants and the gummy ridge and is very stable.

  • Fixed bridge (and no removable denture)

    Multiple implants are required if a fixed bridge is the preferred treatment solution as opposed to an implant supported removable denture. Sometimes bone grafting is first required to add bone prior to implant placement. Having a bridge can free up the palate completely and therefore avoids the plastic part of the denture.

Watch this video for more information about implant dentistry at Smile Design by Ash.


Watch this life changing implants case that Ash treated on Extreme Makeover
TV programme.


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