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Smile Makeovers

Relaxing in the calm of natureWhen you look good you feel great and few treatments have the impact of a stunning new smile. Cosmetic dental treatments offer life-changing journeys that put the smiles back on patients’ faces.

Ash is a highly-qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist who can offer every patient a solution to their problems or concerns. Whether cosmetic or functional (inability to eat properly), when the smile is confident and attractive the whole face and especially the eyes, sparkle too. Cosmetic dentistry changes peoples’ lives.

The colour of your teeth is important. Having straight, white teeth creates an attractive smile that gives the impression of freshness, health and well being.

At Smile Design By Ash, you can have the finest professional whitening system available called Enlighten, as well as the popular ZOOM system.

To find out more, please have a look at this video and information on cosmetic contouring, porcelain veneers and a "mini makeover".

Ash's mission is to help change peoples' lives and make them smile:

"For me personally, my reward is when a patient looks in the mirror for the first time after their finished treatment. I see excitement mixed with heightened emotions and tears of joy. This is what being a dentist is about – changing peoples' lives and helping them to feel happy and confident. From hiding their smiles – it's as if they learn to smile and laugh again."
Ash Parmar

Watch this amazing video to find out Jade’s story…

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