Assessment & Planning

Detailed analysis of the mouth and the current denture(s) is first carried out. The dentists ensure that the mouth is healthy before making new dentures.

To make successful cosmetic dentures requires a lot of clinical time at the various stages. With anything in life, if meticulous care and attention is paid to doing something, the end result will always be better. The dentists use the finest materials at the various appointments.

The practice is proud of the professional collaboration with a master technician. He is very thorough and understands the necessary details required in the many laboratory processes that are involved in recreating teeth, which are positioned three dimensionally. The denture technician also uses only the best denture teeth, strong plastics and metals for the denture construction.

Initial Impressions

First impressions or moulds are recorded of the shape of the teeth and gums. These are then sent to the technician to construct precision fitting special trays and wax bite blocks.

Second Impressions & Bite Registration

This appointment involves the taking of second, very accurate impressions as well as to record the way teeth are meant to bite together. The shape and color of the denture teeth is then chosen. From all this information, the technician can set the teeth up on new master models ready to be tried in the mouth.

Testing the dentures

The teeth that have been set up in dental wax are trialled by the patient at the third appointment. At this stage, the dentist checks for accuracy of the fit, the bite, and also getting the approval regarding comfort, color and set up of the teeth. Any minor changes required can be made until the patient is 100% happy with the appearance. The approved set-up is then returned to the technician for processing and finishing.


The finished and polished dentures are returned ready to be fitted. Careful attention ensures that the dentures are comfortable with the correct bite.


To finalise treatment, there is a review appointment normally a week after the dentures are fitted. This appointment is important in order to check that everything is comfortable and to review things such as the bite, fit and appearance.

Denture appointments are normally a week apart to allow adequate time of transfer of information collected by the dentist at each stage and also allowing the technician time for his work in the laboratory.

With proper denture care and oral hygiene, the dentures should provide many years of problem free service. After some years, the denture may become slightly looser due to some gum shrinkage with age. The denture can then be relined to restore the optimum fit again.

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