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Complex Cases

Sometimes there can be so many problems in the mouth, that you may not know where to start! Many dentists refer patients to Smile Design By Ash because of the experience and skill levels of our dentists, and the advanced dental technology and equipment.

The key reasons why people ignore dental problems are


Three examples of “complex cases” that Ash and his team have treated: -



George was referred by his NHS dentist because he had advanced wearing down of his teeth, missing teeth and bite problems. He was embarrassed about his dental condition due to fear and years of neglect. Ash and his team gradually restored George’s dental health and smile. He is now confident of smiling and eating whatever he wants – the treatment has changed his life!



Keith had advanced gum disease and was really conscious about the poor dental health and appearance. After extensive hygienist treatment, Ash helped Keith achieve a much better result within only six weeks!



Ozay enjoyed sugar in his tea, and also had poor dental hygiene when he first visited us. Following a painless extraction, his trust in dentistry was restored. Ozay then did not mind spending the many hours in the dental chair that were required to restore his smile and confidence.

Why choose Ash to treat your complex case?

  • Skill and experience
  • Understanding & caring approach to solve your problems
  • State-of-the-art technology for best results
  • Long lasting solutions
  • Ideal treatment so you can eat whatever you want with confidence
  • Ensure that you look your best!


Take a picture of your mouth/smile and
WhatsApp or text it to Ash on
07971 291180

He will then get in touch and offer feedback and advice with regard to your options.

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