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Fibre Reinforced Composite Dentistry

Fibre Reinforced
A laboratory made fixed bridge or a dental implant are two recognised and successful treatment options to replace a missing tooth. However, using scientifically proven techniques with dental fibres, Smile Design By Ash dentists offer alternative solutions to replace a missing tooth to help patients save money.

Fibre technology is used in many ways in our lives. Because of its high strength and lightness, fibre glass is used to make aeroplanes, Formula 1 cars, bicycles, golf clubs, etc. This superior technology is now available in dentistry for stronger and longer lasting results.

Gum disease can cause loosening of teeth. If this problem is not treated, teeth need to be extracted. Potentially expensive treatment options such as bridges and implants are then required. Therefore, a procedure called splinting using fibre reinforced composite material is a great way to secure a loose tooth for many years. Excellent oral hygiene and regular professional gum maintenance is required with the hygienist for successful results.

The practice is proud to use everStick fibres to offer clients cosmetic and cost-effective solutions. By using these techniques, ensures minimally invasive dentistry where the clients maintain healthy tooth substance, which is saved for as long as possible. This also means that other treatment options remain available should the patient ever need them.

The fibre reinforced composite system is used to bond a custom created tooth to the adjacent teeth. Removing old fillings and incorporating white fillings in the bridge design ensures added strength for long lasting results (these bridges can last for 10 years or more if there is excellent home care and hygiene). This innovative treatment is seldom offered by UK dentists but Ash has extensive dental training in this field.

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