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“My teeth were an embarrassment, dentures were loose and I couldn’t eat. I was desperate and kept hearing that Ash was the best. NOW I can confidently smile and show my teeth… Eat comfortably and again, really enjoy my food.
I feel as if I’ve grown a new set of teeth."

Alan’s secret…Dental Implants.

The perfect team for your implants dental care

Dr Ash Parmar (leading cosmetic dentist on Extreme Makeover UK) and Dr Andreas Weigt (Implantologist and Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon)Andreas has placed over 10,000 dental implants and carried out over 10,000 bone grafting procedures.

Ash is a very experienced dentist who is passionate about creating the perfect smile to suit your face, and provide long lasting treatment solutions.

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Smile Design By Ash – your No.1 choice for implants

Accuracy & Safety

We have a CT Scanner and 3D Scanner – the latest technology for accurate and safe implant treatment.

Comfort & Relaxing Atmosphere

We assure you of comfortable treatment in a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere. We offer sedation and innovative relaxing techniques for anxious patients.


We offer a 5-year mechanical warranty on implant crown/bridge work or overdentures. Implants, in general, have a success rate of over 95% after 15 years.

Implant Solutions Available

1 missing tooth
  • Strong & long-lasting
  • No need to involve adjacent teeth
  • Eat with confidence

Replacing all the teeth (bar & overdenture)
  • Only 4 implants needed
  • Very strong – you can eat anything!
  • Easy to remove and clean the implants/bar (excellent for maintenance)

Replacing all the teeth (fixed bridge)
  • Ideally 6 or more implants needed
  • Fixed – so nothing covering the roof of the mouth
  • The ultimate solution if you have no teeth

Case Studies

All teeth missing




One or more teeth missing




Testimonials from patients of Smile Design By Ash

patricia-implants       barbara-implants

Top Questions commonly asked about implant treatment

Does treatment hurt?

No. We always give excellent local anaesthetic first, so that the actual implant placement or bone graft is comfortable.

How can I make the treatment affordable?

We offer bespoke 0% interest financing options to make the treatment affordable.

Should I consider doing implants abroad?

We do not recommend this. If you have any complications or problems later, it becomes difficult to get these sorted as you cannot keep going back to that dentist abroad. Also, often multiple visits are needed. Smile Design By Ash has the
“top Harley Street look and feel”, but is local!

How long will treatment take?

This depends on each case. We normally allow 3 months healing time in the lower jaw, and 6 months healing time in the upper jaw. Bone grafts normally take 9 months to heal.

Implant Fees at Smile Design By Ash

We offer each patient a custom tailored treatment plan based on their unique situation, bone levels, implant choice and other factors.

A single implant, abutment and crown - typically a total fee of £2700-£3000.


Take a picture of your mouth/smile and
WhatsApp or text it to Ash on
07971 291180

He will then get in touch and offer feedback and advice with regard to your options.

Visit Smile Design By Ash in Chigwell for an INITIAL CONSULTATION*.

Call us on 0208 500 0544 (ideally Monday – Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm)

Email us at any time at [email protected]

* This will include: -
· A large X-ray (bone review)
· Photographs (dental assessment)
· Personalised treatment plan and estimate

Smile Design By Ash