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Fixed Braces

Crooked teeth make many people feel self-conscious, reserved, or even ashamed of their appearance. With conventional orthodontic treatment or clear braces, treatment for adults can take 2 years or more. However, Smile Design by Ash offer the revolutionary 6 Month Smiles™ system that achieves straight teeth much faster.

Straight teeth in a fraction of the time of conventional orthodontic treatment or clear braces.

How can teeth be straightened in only six months?

The key feature of the treatment is the special nickel titanium wires used. Using gentle forces, teeth are aligned smoothly just like magic!

Six Month Smiles sounds good, but will I still have a mouth full of metal for the whole time?

No! 6 Month Smiles treatments use tooth-coloured braces that are barely visible. The wires are usually tooth-coloured as well. These are nothing like the classic "train-track" metal braces!

Are 6 Month Smiles more comfortable than regular braces?

6 Month Smiles braces use low force to move teeth more comfortably. Many people think that the accelerated treatment means simply "tightening" regular braces to get the teeth moving, but that is not true. Six Month Smiles utilizes standard orthodontic mechanics, but with an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the very precise position of your bite.

Will I have to wear a retainer?

Yes, you can choose to have a fixed retainer bonded to the back surfaces of your teeth or a removable retainer worn each night (indefinitely) to prevent the teeth from moving back after treatment. This is the case for all types of braces treatment.

Successful Six Month Smiles™ Case Studies

Six Months Smile™ Braces utilizes tooth coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten teeth in an average time of only six months! This occurs by focusing on the teeth that show when you smile, and not making significant bite changes.


Nicola was conscious of her smile, especially the position of her upper right canine. She had 6 Month Smiles™ braces and had her teeth straightened in about 9 months. The case was finished with teeth whitening, cosmetic contouring and bonding (addition of white fillings on couple of teeth to improve the shape). Nicola was delighted with the end result and her radiant smile.


Jyoti used the 6 Month Smiles™ braces system to straighten Paul’s teeth. The braces were discreet and the treatment was comfortable. Paul was unhappy with his upper crooked teeth and had the 6 Month Smiles fixed braces. The teeth were straightened within about 7 months. Paul is now confident with his whiter and straighter smile.

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