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Extreme Makeover UK

Ash was one of the most featured dentists on the three series of Extreme Makeover UK on Living TV. As part of a professional team, he helped many people with their transformations. It was the Smile Makeover that had the biggest impact on their lives.

Helen Hobbs

Helen was one of Ash’s favourite cases. She had four lower implants which Ash placed on TV, followed by cosmetic dentures. This treatment completely changed her life. Helen was also on prime time breakfast TV and was featured in an extensive article in the Sunday Times magazine in 2006.

Ash treated Helen on Series 1 of Extreme Makeover. It is one of the most emotionally rewarding cases Ash has ever done. Ash feel humbled by what we achieved for Helen in 6 weeks. Giving her the implant supported cosmetic dentures changed her life forever. Ash strongly recommend watching her video…



“…We’ve been together now for 10 years and we’ve been married for two years; I am still gob smacked today that we are together and that he is with me…I lack confidence in certain areas of my life and that is getting worse as time goes by…I want to feel pretty and be able to smile in a photograph and not cringe when I actually see it…The teeth I have are actually quite loose and when I yawn, the bottom teeth come up. If I laugh or open my mouth quite wide, my top teeth fall down…I was looking for a solution to my loose dentures…”


“…11 years of having rubbish teeth and not being able to eat very well, and not being able to kiss my husband properly, to having this – it’s just lovely, thank you very much…I think I now look fantastic and when I look in the mirror, I think Oh My God – check me out! That is me, and that is how I am going to be from now on – be more confident & wear make up as well as make the best of myself, as that was missing before…”


Maria was another lady that Ash helped on Extreme Makeover. She had multiple dental problems and needed extensive dental work. She looked stunning at the Reveal Event 6 weeks later.


Two of the many other cases treated by Ash on TV were Maureen and Wendy.


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