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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin facings made from porcelain. They are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth and where appropriate, offer one of the best solutions to achieve an attractive and healthy smile.

Porcelain Veneers – Eleasha

There are many factors that affect the end result using veneers:

  • Case selection – Veneers work well in certain cases; braces offer a better solution in others
  • Dental health – It is vital to have excellent gum health, and healthy, strong teeth to have a long lasting result
  • The skill and experience of the dentist
  • The quality of dental materials used (during treatment and in the dental laboratory)
  • Even gum lines – Perfect gum lines are achieved by using lasers. Smile Design by Ash is one of the few dental practices that own state-of-the-art, laser equipment.

More about Porcelain Veneers

To ensure patients can be confident of the end result, Ash works to a detailed protocol which involves the patient at all times:


Using white filling material to artistically create a "mock up" helps to accurately assess the finished smile.


The master ceramist technician will then create ideal wax ups based upon the initial mock up. These are the blueprint for the finished product and smile.


After careful, precise and selective reshaping of the required teeth, the wax ups are used to create beautiful, natural and whiter temporary restorations (the "Trial Smile").


A detailed review of the trial smile is carried out regarding the appearance, colour, shape, bite, speech and comfort. Also the surface texture, surface lustre and other characteristics are noted to create the perfect smile for you.


Skilled master ceramist technicians then create the final porcelain restorations. These are beautifully hand made to create the bespoke smile for each patient.


Fitting of the new laboratory made porcelain restorations. The process from the preparation appointment to delivery takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

A Smile Makeover may be indicated for the following cases:

  • img_SmileMakeover_05Unsightly metal fillings
  • img_SmileMakeover_06Discoloured old crowns
  • img_SmileMakeover_03A gummy and "narrow" smile
  • img_SmileMakeover_01Crooked and discoloured teeth
  • img_SmileMakeover_02Gaps
    between teeth
  • img_SmileMakeover_04Stained, discoloured and worn teeth

Using the EMAX porcelain system (which is probably the best in the world), porcelain veneers are like custom-made fine pieces of jewellery. Because of Ash's quest to create outstanding smiles, he commissions master ceramist technician Rob Storrar (of Amdecc dental laboratory, www.amdecc.com) to make his porcelain restorations. Rob is one of the leading technicians in porcelain veneer techniques within the UK and has worked closely with Ash for over a decade. They have attended some of the most advanced dental courses run by the best dentists in USA and Europe.

Porcelain Veneers – Candice

"Having my veneers fitted has completely changed my life…. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Parmar for the fantastic job he did with my veneers; if anyone is thinking about doing it, I have 3 words for them… go for it!!!"Candice

Rob's state-of-the-art laboratory has the latest equipment for precision dentistry. His experience and artistry helps create porcelain restorations that are life-like, natural and also strong. Rob pays special attention to create the right shape of each tooth, as well as getting the shade, lustre and surface characterization matched perfectly.

Porcelain veneers are bonded with the finest dental bonding systems that ensure excellent adhesion to the teeth. The porcelain veneers and crowns feel like natural teeth and are very comfortable. They need to be maintained just like natural teeth, i.e. correct tooth brushing twice a day, and flossing. Regular hygienist maintenance will also ensure optimum gum health around the teeth.

Having a Smile Makeover with Ash

Ash is one of the most experienced dentists in the UK for porcelain veneer techniques. Ash was trained by leading US teaching academies in cosmetic dentistry and is one of the few dentists in the UK to achieve a Masters level.

Ash runs specialist courses (as part of The Academy by Ash) which educate dentists (from UK and Europe) to understand the intricate procedures necessary, to offer porcelain veneers and laser dentistry: the practice has two laser machines. These courses are held at the practice, which facilitates access to these specialized facilities.

"He (Ash) is always willing to share his knowledge and skills to other dentists through his teaching both nationally and internationally." Ashley Latter (Dental Coach)

Due to his skill and experience, Ash was selected as one of the main dentists on the three series of the popular TV Program Extreme Makeover UK. He carried out many life-changing Smile Makeovers using porcelain techniques. Ash is a perfectionist by nature and aims to create ideal smiles, suited to the individual.

At Smile Design by Ash, the mission statement is to create beautiful and long lasting smiles. In addition to dental expertise, the practice collaborates with a master ceramist who also has a thorough understanding of occlusion (i.e. the way the teeth are shaped and bite together). When there is harmony and balance, there is predictability and outstanding longer lasting results.

A Smile Makeover is the ultimate solution for achieving a beautiful and natural smile. It involves a process of careful, strategic planning, listening to the clients' long-term objectives and then offering appropriate treatment.

Ash will only recommend porcelain veneers if this is the best solution to achieve the perfect result. To help the patient understand the process, they will have a TRIAL SMILE – which acts as an accurate blueprint of the final porcelain veneers. Ash and his technician work to levels of accuracy of up to 0.01mm!

  • 310.5mm Tooth Preparation for a Porcelain Veneer
  • 32Porcelain veneer fitted on to the tooth


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