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Implants & Dentures

  • Jade

    2 missing front teeth (braces, implants and porcelain veneers)

  • Helen Hobbs

    No teeth (implants and dentures)

  • Alan

    No upper teeth (6 implants and over denture)

  • Jennifer

    Implants & fixed upper bridge

  • Margaret

    Gaps/old crowns (implants & crowns)

  • Gina

    4 missing upper back teeth (3 implants and bridge)

  • Valerie

    Discoloured teeth/old crowns (implant and new crowns)

  • Florence

    Gaps & discoloured teeth (implants, teeth whitening & bonding)

  • Karen

    2 missing teeth (2 implants and bridge)

  • Carole

    4 missing front teeth (2 implants & bridge)

  • Helen

    3 missing teeth (2 implants & bridge)

  • Charles

    No upper teeth (denture)

  • Nanny Pat (from TOWIE)

    Replacement full dentures

  • Lily

    No teeth (implants & dentures)

Our portfolio of cases

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