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Smile Design by Ash offer a complete range of innovative dental solutions for all dental problems.

The range of dental care offered includes:

  • Routine Examinations
    Once a year dental examinations with occasional X-rays as required will ensure your mouth remains healthy.
  • Hygienist Treatments
    We have a hygienist (Laura on the left) and a therapist (Petya on the right) that offer an important service to maintain healthy gums, clean teeth and fresh breath.
  • Children’s Dentistry
    We welcome children from a young age (e.g. 3 years old) for dental examinations to make them become confident of going to the dentist.
  • Crowns and Fillings

    We offer strong crowns to protect heavily restored teeth, high quality white fillings and porcelain inlays (for bigger cavities).

  • Root Canal Treatment
    This important treatment is required to save a badly broken or painful tooth. We have specialized equipment and two colleagues (Firas and Noman) that offer comfortable root fillings.
  • Painless Extractions

    Testimonials from patients (having general dental care) at Smile Design By Ash

    Michelle-nucalm       peter-nucalm


Watch this video for more information about general dentistry at Smile Design by Ash.

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