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Does Smile Design By Ash offer general dental care?

Absolutely. Luk and Jyoti offer routine dental examinations for children and adults as well as basic dental treatment such as white fillings and extractions. Petya as a therapist can also carry out white fillings for children and adults. Our hygienist Laura helps with gum treatment and oral health care. Firas and Noman offer high quality root canal treatment if you wish to save a badly damaged or painful tooth.

Is treatment really painless?

Yes. The dentists at Smile Design By Ash take a lot of care in how they administer local anesthetic using a powerful cream to numb the gum first, followed by slowly introducing warm anesthetic solution. Once you are predictably numb, the rest of the treatment will be very comfortable so that you do not have to worry that something will hurt during treatment. The exception to this is when there is severe infection inside a tooth; treatment can be slightly uncomfortable as it is hard to make the tooth go completely numb initially. This is why it is always better to “catch things early” and do treatment like a filling which is simpler, easier to do and cheaper; rather than leaving a broken tooth to decay further, which will ultimately require root canal treatment, post and core build-up and a crown (i.e. more time consuming and expensive).

How can my treatment be made more affordable?

Ash and his Team always carefully listen to what you wish to have done based on your health and cosmetic goals in the mouth. There are multiple treatment options available for your individual budget. Flexible finance options such as 0% interest financing over two years can also help make the treatment affordable. It is important to remember that doing treatment to a high standard using excellent materials and techniques may involve a higher initial investment. However, treatment that is done properly will last longer and should give you problem free service for many years – this makes the treatment more cost effective in the long-term.

If I have a Smile Makeover, how can I be sure that I will be happy with the end result?

Ash regards himself more as an artist than a dentist. By having a clear vision of the smile that will suit each individual, he can create a “mock up” to show you how your new smile would look before you even have any cosmetic treatment! This is often a “WOW” for many patients. The “trial smile” can also give the patient a very good indication as to how the end result will look. Ash and his technician will not make the final porcelain restorations until you are happy with the colour and shape of the temporaries – at Smile Design By Ash there is no guesswork about how the final smile will look!

Is it better to have braces or porcelain veneers?

If you have crooked teeth or gaps between teeth, it is often much better to have orthodontic braces first, rather than porcelain veneers. By moving teeth into the right position naturally is the most minimally invasive treatment option. Some subtle “cosmetic contouring” and teeth whitening can then make a smile look perfect. However, if teeth are worn, damaged or severely discolored, then sometimes porcelain crowns or veneers are a better option – each case has to be assessed by the dentist, as no two human beings have the same situation.

Why are fizzy drinks and juices harmful for teeth?

Acid damage to the outer enamel layer of teeth is a huge problem today. It affects children, teenagers and adults. It is mainly caused by the increased consumption of fizzy drinks and juices, as well as citric fruits. Excessive alcohol, and other conditions can also damage teeth. As teeth wear away, the inner dentine is exposed. This is softer and will then wear away even faster. If this is not treated early, then extensive and expensive treatment will be required in the future. So remember – prevention is better than cure, and you really need to understand this problem fully. If you are worried you may have acid erosion in your mouth, then visit Smile Design By Ash for a complimentary consultation and have some digital photographs taken; the dentist can then give you the best advice.

How can I avoid dental treatment in the future and reduce dental fees?

At Smile Design By Ash, the main ethos is preventive dentistry. The dentists and hygienist offer very good advice in lay terms, so that you can improve your dental hygiene, diet and habits. By looking after your teeth and gums to a very high standard is the best way to avoid future dental treatment and the associated costs.

If I have missing teeth and I decide to have implants, will this hurt?

Having dental implants and bone grafts is painless. The reason for this is that when a dentist works in a tooth, there is a nerve in the centre of the tooth. This means that there can be a very small chance of getting pain during treatment, despite local anesthetic being given. However, when precise drilling is done within the bone by a skilled and experienced dentist, then there cannot be pain.