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“When you’re really passionate about what you do, sometimes you can’t help making the news.”

Ash is respected both for his intellect, professionalism and for his star-like personality. His character and charisma lends itself to television. By helping patients to relax using a combination of humour, calming bedside technique, professionalism and confidence, he is fascinating to watch and adds an extra dimension to any programme.

Recognised as a leading dental authority, Ash is also regularly published in local, national and trade press.

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Ash has a regular feature article in the LIFE publications, covering the Essex region.

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Celebrating 5 years at Smile Design By Ash

Dream Makeover Essex

Changing three lives - a unique makeover concept created by Ash

As a result of his experience with Extreme Makeover UK, Ash decided to again help others in a special competition.Ash Parmar: "Wouldn't it be great if we did some type of makeover process for people in Essex?" This idea developed into a Dream Makeover Essex competition. Working with a team of specialists including Mr. Pillai, a prominent Harley Street laser eye surgeon who has performed over 25,000 procedures so far! As Ash is a key opinion leader for Philips – they too agreed to be involved as the title sponsor. In December 2012, the competition ended after extensive coverage in the media and local radio. Nearly 2,500 people applied which was narrowed down to 100, then 26. Ash Parmar, Mr. Pillai and Frances Furlong (facial aesthetics expert) met the finalists to assess their needs and especially to listen to their stories… three lucky and deserving winners were selected.

To find out more about this spectacular event and all the Partners that were involved, visit www.dreammakeoveressex.co.uk

Dream Makeover Essex Winners


Eleasha was really embarrassed with her smile and this affected her confidence significantly. For many years, she had been teased due to her teeth and getting her smile done meant so much to her. When she first met Ash, she really cried a lot. When she saw her new smile for the first time, she cried again – but this time with tears of joy, amazement and relief. Having a Smile Makeover with Ash has completely changed Eleasha’s life. She had ten upper porcelain veneers and ZOOM combination lower teeth whitening (i.e. chair side power whitening as well as home whitening with trays and gels). Eleasha looks stunning now, and can smile with confidence!



Keith had a lot going on in his life. As such, looking after his mouth was not his highest priority. This all changed when he found out that he had won the Dream Makeover Essex competition! Keith had advanced gum disease. He had poor oral hygiene and realized that he had to change his habits and have the necessary recommended treatment to save his teeth. Ash advised him to stop smoking (which is linked with gum disease). Keith had multiple hygienist visits and required deep gum cleaning under local anaesthetic. Two of his upper incisor teeth required extraction and Ash provided him with porcelain bridges after he had whitened his teeth. Keith looked fresher and younger with his new smile and the confidence this gave him helped him find a new partner within a few months!



Caroline was a worthy winner of Dream Makeover Essex. She was conscious of her smile and was keen on getting rid of her glasses once and for all. She required basic dental work including hygienist treatment, fillings, and crowns. This was followed by a Mini Makeover i.e. cosmetic contouring to make her teeth edges naturally level and look more attractive, teeth whitening and four porcelain veneers for her top front teeth. Following the Makeover process, Caroline looked and felt amazing. Her confidence was high and she really appreciated all that had been done for her.