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Charity Work – Raised over £34,000 for Charity in 7 Months

Smile Design By Ash, 6 Chigwell Rise, Chigwell, Essex IG7 6AB, United Kingdom

"True charity means to give generously, liberally and without thought of reward. We can give to alleviate poverty, loneliness or pain or to help others become educated. Giving to others means to think of their happiness rather than our own."Bhikhu Parmar

This quote by my father inspired me to think about others less fortunate than we are. In life, we should always be grateful for everything we have. My philosophy in life is to “change peoples’ lives and share love.” This might mean making a client of mine smile naturally and beautifully for the first time if they have been embarrassed to smile all their life. It might mean changing the life of a dentist that has done a course with me and feels inspired to become a better dentist and a person. It might also mean serving hungry and poor children in India with nutritious food on a plate made of banana leaves, and sitting next to them as they smile because they actually have some food to eat that day. And finally, it may mean bringing a smile to the face of a child during the worst possible time with their health.

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Commencing in November 2015, on behalf of Smile Design By Ash, I decided to run a fundraising campaign to increase awareness of two important charities close to my heart – Haven House and Food For Life Vrindavan. Our goal was to raise £20,000 for both the charities. Haven House is a well recognized and superbly run local charity that helps life-limited and life-threatened children in many ways. Food For Life Vrindavan is an amazing charity in Vrindavan, India that helps look after children who are the poorest of the poor. In particular, girls are given free education, food, medical care and literally an opportunity in life to break the poverty cycle and become someone special, so that they can contribute to the world in a much more powerful way.

Hear from some of the families who use Haven House and what it means to them. The film shows the support given to Mums Kiran and Jade through counselling and how they feel they have somewhere to turn during the most difficult moments of their lives. Ruby-Mo and George use Haven House’s services including Music Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga, they are Haven House heros.

To help Haven House continue their work with life-limited children and their families, please click HERE to donate.

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Fundraising event on 24th June 2016

Click on the image below to download the event brochure.

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Featured articles in the LIFE series of magazines

I am very grateful to Christine Baker who is a friend, client and expert in PR (www.christenltd.co.uk). She has been generous in donating her time to help me with this endeavour. We wrote a one-page feature every month (for eight months) in the LIFE series of magazines commencing with the November 2015 issue (click on the images below to view). This was an opportunity to highlight important stories and insights about these two incredible charities.

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November 2015

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December 2015

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January 2016

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February 2016

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March 2016

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May 2016

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June 2016

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July 2016