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Teeth Whitening

A whiter smile will make you look younger and feel more attractive and confident. We say that the colour of your teeth should be similar to the whites of your eyes (have a look in the mirror).
We offer the best and safest professional teeth whitening systems available.

Enlighten – your No.1 choice

Why Enlighten is the best?

About Enlighten

  • The best whitening system available in the UK
  • Luxury whitening trays custom fitted for your mouth
  • Night time whitening with trays and gels for 2-4 weeks
  • 45 minute chair side whitening session to boost the colour
  • Guaranteed B1 shade (quite white!)

ZOOM teeth whitening – a great alternative

  • Home and chairside whitening
  • Day time (2 hours) or night time gels available
  • Very good results
  • Safe and effective

Case Studies

"Ash and the rest of the team at Smile Design by Ash are professional, friendly, caring and attentive. I can honestly say that I have never before dealt with a company who has such superb customer service. Coming to the dentist is actually an enjoyable experience!"


Cosmetic Imaging

We have a computer software that can show you how whiter teeth will look in improving your smile. We take pictures of your face and smile and within 5-10 minutes we can show you the imaging results. Have a look at Eleasha’s case as an example: -

Top questions commonly asked about teeth whitening

Does the treatment hurt?

There is a chance of some transient tingling or sensitivity. This depends on the age of the person, and the condition & structure of the teeth.

What about teeth whitening at beauty salons or buying products online?

It is illegal for anyone other than a dentist to do teeth whitening. We also only recommend certain whitening brands that are clinically proven, safe and effective.

How white can my teeth go?

This depends on the person’s age, starting colour and dietary lifestyle (e.g. tea/coffee, smoking, curries, etc).

How long does the whitening last?

Once the teeth reach the whiter colour you are happy with, then “top up” whitening is needed, e.g. one day every 3 months. This will then maintain the whiteness.


Take a picture of your smile and WhatsApp or text it to the practice phone 07568 750341, with your name and enquiry. We can then contact you and give you the best advice.

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