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“Today I have a mouth that’s not only healthy but looks great!”

John a journalist from Enfield, Middlesex had never been too concerned with his smile until he met his new love interest, Janice. “The journey that led me to Ash actually began on a sunny summer afternoon in Hyde Park. I was with the lovely new lady in my life and was very excited about the relationship we were beginning to build. But I was suddenly brought down to earth with a bump when Janice said she didn’t want to offend me but she really though I ought to get my teeth sorted out. I could feel my face reddening with embarrassment. For the next couple of days I hardly dared open my mouth In front of a mirror.

One in three people have some form of anxiety when visiting the dentist, unfortunately for John he fell into this category. John decided to face his fear when his eldest daughter Eleanor recommended him to Smile Design by Ash. “Eleanor had extensive cosmetic treatment with Ash and her perfect smile is a dazzling testament to his work. I could feel the old fears rising again even as Eleanor drove me to the practice, but they were quickly allayed by the professionalism and reassurance of Ash and his team“.

After a comprehensive assessment with Ash, it was clear that John had many underlying problems that he was unaware of. Ash quickly diagnosed that John was suffering with moderate gum disease and was in urgent requirement of deep gum cleaning with Jessica, the hygienist. After three thorough appointments, and John enforcing his new skills at home, Ash reinforced the strength of John’s lower loose front teeth using a fibre reinforced composite splint.

Not only was he suffering with unhealthy gums, John’s teeth had also become weaker due to decay. After having strong, long lasting white fillings placed and diet guidance from Ash, John’s mouth was now healthy. Only then did the exciting cosmetic dentistry begin! Using Philips ZOOM teeth whitening, and four beautifully hand crafted composite veneers by Ash, John’s smile now matched his amazing personality, ready to show off to Janice.

Today I have a mouth that is not only healthy but looks great. Janice certainly thinks so – and she doesn’t stop letting me know it. How good is that?

If you or anyone you know are embarrassed of their smile, call now on 020 85000544 for a FREE initial consultation. Like John it could change your life forever.

Dee Brown, Patient Care Coordinator, Smile Design by Ash, 6 Chigwell Rise, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6AB

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